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Filing Fees

Indiana State Courts

In Indiana state courts, filing fees are established in the Indiana Code by the Indiana General Assembly.  These fees are changed from time-to-time.  A filing fee generally depends on the type of the action and the number of parties.  A filing fee can range from approximately $150 to $200 not taking into consideration the number of parties.

The Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration maintains a manual with an up-to-date compilation of all the court fees and costs which must be assessed by Indiana’s trial courts.  The manual can be accessed here.

Indiana Appellate Courts

Indiana’s appellate court filing fees are also established by the Indiana General Assembly and are from time-to-time changed.  These fees can range from $125 to $250.

The Clerk of the Appellate Courts maintains an up-to-date list of all appellate court fees and costs which may be accessed here.

Federal Courts in Indiana

Two federal districts cover Indiana: the Southern District of Indiana and the Northern District of Indiana.  Each district also has a bankruptcy court which has exclusive jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases: the Southern District of Indiana and the Northern District of Indiana.  Filing fees in these federal courts are established by the United States Congress and widely range.  Each court maintains schedules of filing fees and costs which can be accessed through the courts’ websites.


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